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What is "My Weekday Wedding"?

Imagine your dream wedding day come to life. You've selected the most beautiful banquet venue and have the most talented and passionate wedding professionals, The Perfect Wedding Partners, attending to every detail.

The planning process was stress-free, because you had experienced, caring wedding professionals advising you through every decision, ensuring that your wedding vision would be a reality. Your wedding day is just perfect, because everyone is working as a highly coordinated team to exceed all your expectations. You enjoy the celebration of a lifetime, with your closest family & friends, who remark that this is the best wedding they have ever been to.

And the day after your wedding, you smile a big smile, because you saved thousands of dollars, enough to put a down payment on that charming house you've always wanted!

This is "My Weekday Wedding", an All-Inclusive, Dream Wedding Experience on a Weekday Wedding Budget.